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HAITI—JANUARY 1, 2018—We are excited to present you "Ayibobo", the first single off of Mikaben's upcoming album, featuring guest artist Paul Beaubrun, son of Manzè and Lòlò of the internationally successful group Boukman Experyans.

The album is set to be released in March of 2018. Stay tuned and follow #mkbn to stay updated on the album’s release.

Link to the video: http://j.mp/Ayib0b0
Website: www.mikaben.com
iTunes: http://j.mp/Ay1bobo

Twitter: @mikaben
IG: @mikaben509
FB: www.facebook.com/mikaben.ht

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"Take control of our destiny! The time has come to do so! Haiti, our dear country, is the mother of the slave revolution and the land of liberty. Her sons and daughters must be proud of the exploits of their ancestors and assume the important role played by their country in the history of the world. AYIBOBO! This song invites us all to renew our sense of pride, to regain our dignity and to rally the whole world around a key concept for the evolution of the human race: Spiritual Freedom. We are people of Light! This melody and these words reinforce the harmony necessary for our emancipation. Embrace our culture—let's go back to the source of our history and our existence! Ayibobo evokes the words "blessings," "gathering," "unity," and "strength." With this song, let us welcome the spirit of our ancestors and remind the whole world of the power of our people. "


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Michael Benjamin, better known as Mikaben, is an eclectic Haitian artist with a wide range of talents: singer, writer and producer. Son of renowned singer Lionel Benjamin, the multilingual artist sings in Creole, French and English.

Mikaben is passionately working on his third album, which is set to be released in March of 2018. 

He has produced music for several musical groups, including Kaï ("Malad," with more than 5 million views on Youtube), Carimi ("Baby I Miss You," 1.7 million views, "Fanm sa Move" 1.4 million views), T- Vice, Léila Chicot, Kreyòl La, and Big O. He also works with other artists such as his father Lionel Benjamin, Izolan, Olivier Duret, J Perry and many others.

Since the launch of his first song in 1999 entitled "Nwèl Tristès," Mikaben has shown a particular sensitivity for his country. Mikaben wants to paint, through his art, a beautiful image of his country which is at the same time real.

He already has more than 15 years of experience on the stage and has performed on several international stages, including the Olympia of Paris with Carimi, the Zenith, Joe's Pub in NY, The Cultural Center of Ivory Coast , the Hoogstraten Festival in Belgium, the Miami Compas Festival, and Dillon Stadium to name just a few.